Fire Alarm Installation


A fire alarm system is essential to keeping your property, occupants, and assets safe and prevents tragic loss of life. A voice evacuation system, in larger applications, helps provide a more controlled, safer evacuation for both building occupants and first responders. This type of system is at the forefront of your building or property’s life safety needs, and engineering these fire alarm systems is at the foundational core of Innovative’s history. 


We’ve partnered with some of the leading manufacturers to offer a wide range of available fire alarm & life safety products to protect your business or home and provide the best fit for your building, no matter the environment, size or type. 


Safety and Security Solutions is extensively trained on the technologies and capabilities of each system and will design and build a customized code compliant fire alarm and/or voice evacuation system for local jurisdiction occupancy approval in the most cost effective manner. Upon approval, the system will be installed to specifications, and programmed, tested and commissioned. 


Fire Alarm Training

Your staff will be provided with hands-on training on how to operate your fire alarm system. A user manual will be provided as well as an overview of the basic system functions, numerous alerts, and conditions that can result due to a malfunctioning component. Moreover, any questions you have about the system can be answered on-site or at a later date. 

Fire Alarm System Services

Safety and Security Solutions provides every aspect of service assistance for fire alarm systems and has long standing relationships with facilities to keep systems updated and in compliance with the AHJ.

  • Consultation & estimation
  • Facility specific design
  • Drawings, submittals & permitting from the local authority 
  • Project management & system installation
  • Service agreements & maintenance schedules
  • Annual inspections & testing
  • Alarm system monitoring