Fire Alarm Testing and Certification

Maintaining your fire alarm system is vital in keeping your building and employees safe. Safety & Security Solutions LLC. technicians are trained and certified ensure your systems remain operational and compliant through regular inspection and testing cycles.

We are fully licensed, National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)-certified. At Safety & Security Solutions, our number one priority is your safety, and we take pride in ensuring your facility is fully protected 

Red fire alarm box on white concrete wall background.

What we test:

  • Control Panel Inspection
  • Annunciator Inspection  
  • Monitoring Connection Verification
  • Audio/Visual Device/Bell Testing
  • Elevator Recall Testing
  • Door Holder Testing
  • Pull Station Testing
  • Smoke Detector Testing
    • Smoke Detector Cleaning  (cleaning options)
    • Thermal/Heat Detector Testing
    • Duct Detector Testing
    • Tamper Switch Testing (Sprinkler Devices)
    • Flow Switch Testing (Sprinkler Devices)
    • Standby Battery Load Testing
    • Completion of Required Inspection Forms


The individual will be provided with hands-on training on how to operate the fire alarm system. A user manual will be provided, as well as an overview of the basic system functions, numerous alerts, and conditions that can result due to a malfunctioning component. Moreover, any questions you have about the system can be answered on-site. 

Fire Alarm System Services

Safety and Security Solutions provides every aspect of service assistance for fire alarm systems. We have long standing relationships with facilities to keep their systems updated and in compliance with the AHJ.

  • Consultation & estimation
  • Facility specific design
  • Drawings, submittals & permitting from the local authority 
  • Project management & system installation
  • Service agreements & maintenance schedules
  • Annual inspections & testing
  • Alarm system monitoring

Fire Alarm Annual Inspection

It is crucial for your facility’s fire alarm system to be operating optimally at all times. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that system performance be tested and maintained annually to ensure that all devices are communicating properly. The inspector will make sure the system installation follows approved plans and will thoroughly test the system.

What will be tested during a fire alarm inspection:

  • Batteries 
  • Heat detectors & smoke detectors
  • Monitored devices
  • Visual and notification devices
  • Circuitry integrity
  • Radio monitoring components


We are fully trained to inspect, and test your device components with specialty equipment, as inoperable devices can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Any necessary repairs will be made, and a maintenance plan will be designed to ensure constant compliance with the AHJ.